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Tired of not getting good customer care for your waste disposal service? Give LaBounty Disposal a call.

We are a second-generation, family owned business, owned by Bruce and Carla LaBounty.

We believe that great customer service is what you deserve. And if you are ready for great customer service from your “Trash Guy” then call us today.

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Nearly 35 years of Waste Disposal experience.

Ready to like your ``Trash Guy?``
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Recycling Pickup

Recycling is an easy way to help the earth. To help you do your part we are happy to do recycling pickup! We pick-up glass, metal, cardboard, paper and plastics numbered 1-7.

Curbside Waste Pickup

Weekly curbside pickup – with additional bulk pickup available. Give us a call to find out more about setting up your new trash service today.

Attractive Dumpsters

We paint our dumpsters often so they always look their best. We also clean them as needed with an organic odor eliminator based upon the Yucca plant. Our dumpsters are the cleanest, and most well cared for trash receptacles available.

Residential and Commercial Service Available.

For nearly 35 years, LaBounty Disposal has had a mission to protect the environment of our neighborhoods and businesses by providing efficient and safe trash and garbage disposal, as well as, a full complement of environmentally friendly recycling services. This includes one yard containers all the way up to large commercial sized containers.

From our proven residential and commercial collection, to our outstanding recycling services, LaBounty Disposal is dedicated to excellent customer service and waste management. We maintain modern equipment, using innovative technology and a commitment to excellence, to ensure that service to our customers is responsible, responsive, and environmentally sound.

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